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  1. Seigen added a post in a topic: [CHANGELOG] AccelePedia 3.0 Project   

    This is the official changelog of the AccelePedia 3.0 Project. This will serve as an archive of all the upgrades and bugfixes, minor or major, performed for the 3.0 Project along with their corresponding dates.
    Main Site:
    -Fixed user login refresh loop disabling WordPress login. (5/22/2015)
  2. Seigen added a post in a topic: AccelePedia 3.0 has begun.   

    When we first started working on the AccelePedia reconstruction project in 2013, we figured 2.0 was a suitable name to describe the comprehensive overhaul we were giving the AccelePedia. We didn’t plan to make a habit out of version numbers for future major revisions to the AccelePedia, partly because we couldn’t have known we would ever have another major revision after 2.0.
    It’s been about two years now since the start of AccelePedia 2.0, and much has changed in this period. The intended effect of the 2.0 upgrades was never fully realized, as the community largely fell through despite the site and the forums being optimized for the best community experience possible. Development of 2.0 has now come to a close as we have realized the need for a third major revision for the AccelePedia.
    It won’t be as significant as the 2.0 upgrades. The original iteration of AccelePedia stayed mostly the same from 2006 up until the 2.0 project of 2013, and because of this we built 2.0 on a completely new architecture better suited for the modern web. This architecture, consisting of a union of WordPress and Invision Power Services forum software, has proven to be an excellent basis for the AccelePedia, and so we currently plan to remain on this architecture for AccelePedia 3.0.
    AccelePedia 3.0 will consist of a visual and functional overhaul for the main AccelePedia site. A new layout is in the works which will categorize the wiki information, media, and all related content by order of their respective years of release. For example, all Highway 35: World Race information will fall under the 2003 category. We plan to significantly expand the topics covered by the AccelePedia main site, but we are currently undecided of specific top level year categories as of now. You can expect, at the least, the years 2000-2015 to be covered. All major Hot Wheels theme releases, such as Velocity X (2002), Speed Racer (2008), and Team Hot Wheels (2013-2015) will be covered under their respective top level year categories. To accompany this significant layout change, a new theme will be developed that will retain the minimalistic design and mobile-compatible responsive framework, but introduce greater visual appeal to the site.
    The forums will be fully upgraded to the IPS4 suite during the 3.0 upgrades. Currently, the forums are running on a problematic release candidate version of IPS4. Users have reported several bugs that impede the user experience. The forums will be reinstalled with the full release version of 4.0, which will eliminate these critical issues. Additionally, this upgrade will bring the reintroduction of the chat to the forums. The chat feature was lost during the initial 4.0 upgrades, but will be restored with the AccelePedia 3.0 upgrades. Of course, a visual overhaul to the forums will complement the new theme of the main site, and will be jointly developed with the main site theme for the sake of visual consistency.
    The very first version of the AccelePedia was archived during the AccelePedia 2.0 upgrades, and this archive will remain, though it will be relocated to the directory AccelePedia 2.0 will be archived under this directory as well after the initial 3.0 upgrades have been completed.
    Our current timetable for the completion of the initial AccelePedia 3.0 upgrades puts us at a projected completion date of July 17, 2015. From there, we will begin to review what else needs to be done after the initial upgrades are complete. We’re excited for the changes the AccelePedia 3.0 project will bring, and we hope you are as well. Stay tuned for further information and development updates.
  3. Seigen added a post in a topic: Best driving game?   

    Oh I completely forgot to mention Midnight Club LA. That was definitely another of my favorites. As Tset said, the customization potential was really cool.
  4. Seigen added a post in a topic: Best driving game?   

    I spent a lot of time on iRacing, but that's really only good if you're looking for a "hardcore" simulator, and you need a steering wheel / pedal setup to play it. Other than that, I used to play NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 for the Gamecube, Carbon, and Pro Street quite a bit. 
    And +1 on Burnout Paradise for sure, I really enjoyed that game. 
  5. Seigen added a post in a topic: Important Sh*t Update   

    This was an April Fools joke, since no one seemed to actually get that... o.o
  6. Seigen added a post in a topic: Not sure what's going on here, but...   

    You're damn right you don't know what's going on here. Have you read anything we've said? After two years of the fans not doing what needed to be done, we have every right to blame them. The few who have been active know who they are, but the vast majority haven't, and NO ONE has been consistent. I have never once seen you active here on the forums, so why do you think you can say that you know better? You are to blame because you never offered the proper support, which was actively participating on the forums. We said it time and time again, the best way to show support is NOT donations, not LIKING Facebook posts, but being a fully active member of the forums. The community here used to be thriving with discussion, and we needed to get that back. Since no one was willing to consistently do that, they stabbed us in the back. No one ever truly respected us. There were innumerable people who were hostile towards us, in fact. Why do they deserve respect if they were never willing to show us any? We were the ones pouring our hearts and souls into this, and everyone found it hard to even do the bare minimum. So go ahead and be oblivious to how awful the community is if you really want, but don't tell us we need to grow up until you've tried to go through what we have for two years. 
  7. Seigen added a post in a topic: The real bad guys   

    You forgot option 4: The evil AccelePedia administrators. Clearly they're the bad guys. 
  8. Seigen added a post in a topic: Who The Fuck...   

    You can find my thoughts on the matter right where it took place. I'm really fucking done with this shit.
  9. Seigen added a post in a topic: Happy Anniversary Speed of Silence 03.19.05   

    hoop trout
    that is all.
  10. Seigen added a post in a topic: Detonation of an Era   

    This may be shocking news to many of you. You probably didn't expect something as bad as this to ever happen. You probably never thought it would ever REALLY get as bad as this. But it has, and let me tell you, it's not a surprise to those of us who have been running things. Not at all. This is something we've been skirting around, trying so desperately to avoid for just about two years now. We've known exactly how tentative the situation of the community has been since the start of this all, and we've been trying to make you all understand that from the start. We never could get through to anyone, and now here we are, just as we warned. 
    These two years went so fast. It really feels like only a short while ago that we were just beginning to talk about how to save the community, and Chris was first formulating The Edge. Man, it just went by in a whirlwind. And it was worth it. It was. Through tough times, impossible challenges, and a whole lot of shared frustration, the 4 of us have forged an unbreakable bond. Our journey really lived up to the journey of our heroes in AcceleRacers in so many ways. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we're grateful for that.
    But like the journey of AcceleRacers, our journey has been cut short by circumstances that are out of our control. We can't shape the community. We can lead it, we can be a guiding light, but in the end it's up to YOU to make the right decisions and live up to our guidance, and shape the community into what it needs to be. The sad truth is that, as a whole, the people in this community are unwilling to do so. We've tried so many different ways to change that and we've simply been exhausted of all possibilities at this point. There's nothing more we can do to save this community. Every community needs leaders, but we mean nothing if those in which we lead are unwilling to follow. We're only half of the equation. The great work done by Chris for The Edge is only half of the equation. You are the other half; the half that decides whether our shared goal of a reborn AcceleRacers and the community is successful or a failure. It seems you have chosen failure. 
    No second go-around this time. That choice was final. You can't take it back. 
    The AccelePedia will remain online for the foreseeable future. I will continue to pay for the server, the forum software, and the domain, and I will continue to perform regular maintenance and upgrades to the main site and forums, as I have always done. However, I am done being involved in this community. You will still see me, and likely Chris and Elton around the forums here and there. But we have very much so stepped down as your guiding lights. We are no longer actively involved. 
    The AccelePedia main site will be our primary concern, and it will continue to be updated with new information. The forums, however, will remain in stasis. We will not continue to develop the forum use experience. 
    I don't really know what else to say. You guys really screwed up here, and it finally killed things. All of you who thought this would never really happen? You were really wrong. It just happened, and it's all your fault.
  11. Seigen added a post in a topic: Another bug   

    That's odd, and relatively problematic. There's no longer a separate mobile version of the site since IPS4 is built on a responsive framework, so it's important that it is functional across all devices. A significant update was just released for the board software that may fix this bug. If not, we'll look into it further. We're working on getting the update installed. Thanks for letting us know!
  12. Seigen added a post in a topic: Is this site trustworthy?   

    I don't see anything that would make me doubt it's legitimacy. They even are clear that their downloads section originates from the AccelePedia downloads section. Which, at the moment, is simply WayBack archive links until we have fully rebuilt the Downloads section into the new planned Comprehensive Media Archive. (working in-dev name. :P) But don't worry, all the old Download content is still on the server.
  13. Seigen added a post in a topic: I'M BACK!   

    Well, clearly you have read through some of the things we have said in community addresses, so you know the situation we're in. Thus, it should come as no surprise to you that I'm simply going to say to you, I'll believe it when I see it.
    We can't put faith into people any longer, no matter what they say or how well they might mean. Do the right thing and prove yourself. Put action to your words, and don't expect praise when you do the right thing. People will not be receiving praise for doing what they are supposed to. The only reward should be your own feelings of accomplishment when you begin to be a proper community member. Keep that in mind. See you around.
  14. Seigen added a post in a topic: Hey, whassup!   

    Welcome to the community, David. The thorough introduction is appreciated, but I'm going to add to what Tezla said above. This isn't quite like regular communities, where we can just sit back and never say anything to people. I think you get that. I'm not so sure you get how delicate the situation is here, though. The AccelePedia, and by extension, the AcceleRacers community is alive indeed but it's closer to death than you may think. We have a page prepared for the shutdown of the AccelePedia, ready to be posted if needed. That should be telling as to the gravity of the situation here.
    We can't afford to not make speeches, which we take very seriously and hope that everyone else does as well. Everything we say in them are necessary things to say, and we take extreme care and lots of time to craft them. We've tried so many different ways to speak to people and get our message across that we've nearly exhausted all options. They're only as corny as you view them, but I don't see any reason to view them as such.
    We get frustrated with people asking the same questions over and over again because we have actually prepared FAQ's and other aids to make it easy for them to find this information on their own. The simple fact of the matter is that no one cares enough to seek out this information on their own and they just take the easy way out by asking us, and they take the time to do that rather than actually contribute to the community. It's extraordinarily frustrating.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the community here, and I see potential in you as a strong community member. I would suggest reading some of our recent collective thoughts topics as we cover much of the things that are essential to this community's success in them. See you around!

Status Feed

  1. Seigen

    Welcome back, everyone who actually came back. I'm actually kinda impressed with your dedication. 

  2. Seigen

    Thought alcohol was the magic "I don't give a shit solution?" Nope, it's actually sleep deprivation. Alcohol has it's limits. Messing directly with your consciousness does not. Don't sleep for a solid 40 hours and you will be numb to just about anything that is bothering you, but you'll still be able to function like a regular person if you take periodic 15 minute long rests over the course of the day, but don't fully fall asleep. Once I hit 60 hours I'll let you know what that's like. 

  3. Seigen

    It's amazing to see just how wrong we were to put any trust into the community. Was this all worth it? Was trusting you all for two years while we gave up significant portions of our lives for this worth it? Yes. Yes it was, but only because of the bonds that Chris, Elton, Alicia, Arc, and I share. It had nothing to do with any of you. Do you consider yourself to have been here for the ride this past two years? If so, stop thinking that way right now. You might as well have not been here at all. I'm sorry, but none of you have really *been here* with us the past two years. You've all acted like spectators here, with no involvement, so that might as well be what you're considered. Spectators to our suffering over the past two years. We've been talking to a wall. 

    The future has always been up to all of you, and now you've chosen a future that won't include you. The AccelePedia has gone full closed source at this point. We work for ourselves now, not you. I'm sure the discussion here might even pick up in light of these events, for a while at least, and that would be nice, really. But we're done. 

    For the past two years, I've strived to find ways to make the AccelePedia forums have the absolute best user experience for YOU. I've developed things from scratch such as the Nitrox2 points system, I've added in unique profile customizations, and I've done my best to make sure the AccelePedia forums would be easy to use, but above all fun to use.

    That stops now. Why should I bother? I like the forums how they are, and so does everyone else that matters. So while I'll make sure the forums are always stable and running smoothly, as I always have, my large scale development of the forums has halted indefinitely. Next time you'll see a major upgrade will probably be when IPS 5 is released 6 years from now. But of course none of you will have stuck around for that long. In the old days, the majority of members were here to stay, not here for just a year or two. It used to be a big family. What the hell happened to that? What the hell happened to people wanting to interact with one another and build the community? That's gone, and I don't know where in the world it went. But if I know one thing for sure, it's that it isn't coming back. 

    Thanks for making it that way. Thanks for killing the AccelePedia as we knew it. 

    I've said this already, but you'll still see me here just as often as ever, posting regularly. I won't see you, though. I'm here for myself, and I'm here for my friends. All that remains of the old Pedia family is the names I've listed above, so to me, that's all that remains of the AccelePedia.

    Maybe you'll understand now. Shame it's too late. 

  4. Seigen

    I think now is the time that we'll really see who cares. You may not be able to do anything about the end of The Edge, but it will be interesting to see who sticks around here anyway. 

  5. Seigen

    Well it's been an interesting few weeks for me... Spring break is here now, though. I need a new car, so I'm busy selling basically everything I know and love, but I'll be here more often for about two weeks. 

  6. Seigen

    Amazing how much things have changed since 2011, when I started to regularly post here for the first time. I may have joined in 2006, but 2011 is when I really became a member of the community. I almost don't recognize the AccelePedia after stepping out of it's older iterations and looking at my screen now.

    1. Tezla

      I have been flipping through the old site as well.. and my old posts. It's very interesting to see the changes of not only the look of the forums over the various years.. but also the overall feel of them. I have to say.. it feels so empty now days with so few members interacting with each other. Sad isn't it? As far as my posts go, it was interesting to see my progression within the community and how I grew over the years from being a quirky noob/rp junkie to a member with opinions and a real passion for an overlooked gem of a franchise. At various points I've had my hopes rise and fall.. and lately my hopes have been doing a whole lota falling. I just hope we can regain that nice full community feel again- a big family perhaps? Ah.. one can only dream of that moment where we can step back and be 100% proud of what we accomplished. 

  7. Seigen

    And we're back.

  8. Seigen

    If you want to be there for what is an historical event in the history of AR, I would suggest hauling your ass over to that Tinychat, because you're going to regret it for the rest of your life otherwise. That is, if you truly care.

  9. Seigen » powerrage

    (putting this here since you can't receive any new PM's) Hey Powerrage, I've been seeing you on the members list every now and then, but it seems like all you do is browse the forums these days. Is there any particular reason for this? It's rather disconcerting to see a senior member of the Pedia do that. Thanks, hope everything is going well. -Gig

  10. Seigen

    My new Toy Fair Hollowback has arrived!

  11. Seigen

    Go play AcceleRacers: Hurt or Heal 2! :)

  12. Seigen

    If anyone sees an FD Mazda RX-7 rolling chassis or complete car for sale for 5 grand or less, please PM me.

  13. Seigen

    March 7th, 2014: The Great Spammer Purge

  14. Seigen

    New AcceleRacers 5 FB ad is up! Hopefully we'll reach 1,000 likes by tomorrow. :D

  15. Seigen

    I'll be changing the board URL to very soon...

  16. Seigen

    Well whaddya know? 555 likes on the FB page! Advertising does wonders to help spread the word to people. :D

  17. Seigen » SCJ-7

    Great to see you back! Hope you're enjoying the new IP.Board forums. :)

    1. SCJ-7

      Thank you my friend.
      Yes, I like this new forum. Great job!!! :)
  18. Seigen

    Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it!

  19. Seigen

    Doing a custom CMS is not for the faint of heart...

  20. Seigen » Shirako Takamoto 2

    Anthony, I made a post on the talk page about the new responsive layout for the main page. That's right, the AccelePedia is going to be responsive! :D

  21. Seigen

    After all these years, I still don't have a single HW35 car.

    1. Seigen

      And now that is no longer true! I am now the proud owner of my very own '70 Plymouth Road Runner!
  22. Seigen

    I can't believe we've finally made it to the forum upgrade. :)