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  1. Gig added a post in a topic: Hey, whassup!   

    Welcome to the community, David. The thorough introduction is appreciated, but I'm going to add to what Tezla said above. This isn't quite like regular communities, where we can just sit back and never say anything to people. I think you get that. I'm not so sure you get how delicate the situation is here, though. The AccelePedia, and by extension, the AcceleRacers community is alive indeed but it's closer to death than you may think. We have a page prepared for the shutdown of the AccelePedia, ready to be posted if needed. That should be telling as to the gravity of the situation here.
    We can't afford to not make speeches, which we take very seriously and hope that everyone else does as well. Everything we say in them are necessary things to say, and we take extreme care and lots of time to craft them. We've tried so many different ways to speak to people and get our message across that we've nearly exhausted all options. They're only as corny as you view them, but I don't see any reason to view them as such.
    We get frustrated with people asking the same questions over and over again because we have actually prepared FAQ's and other aids to make it easy for them to find this information on their own. The simple fact of the matter is that no one cares enough to seek out this information on their own and they just take the easy way out by asking us, and they take the time to do that rather than actually contribute to the community. It's extraordinarily frustrating.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the community here, and I see potential in you as a strong community member. I would suggest reading some of our recent collective thoughts topics as we cover much of the things that are essential to this community's success in them. See you around!
  2. Gig added a post in a topic: New Look, Love It!   

    I'm not entirely convinced by that. But don't worry yourself about convincing me that you truly felt you weren't worthy. Just be honest with yourself and do what needs to be done. That's all we ask here. We recently went over all the stuff that needs to change in the community. You (and everyone else) would benefit from reading the topics that pertain to it.
  3. Gig added a post in a topic: Voice Actors   

    VA's tend to do a lot of work within a certain field, as seen here. As stated above, this has already been covered way too much, but Kathleen Barr and Andrew Francis both voiced characters for the LEGO BIONICLE movies as well.
  4. Gig added a post in a topic: AccelePedia Forums Have Been Upgraded!   

    I’m happy to announce that we have successfully been able to upgrade to the latest stable release of Invision Power Services’ new IPS4 Community Forum Software. Invision Power Services have long provided one of the best forum software packages available and we have used their services since the initial AccelePedia 2.0 major upgrade in mid 2013. IPS4 represents a complete overhaul of the forum software you have come to know and love on the AccelePedia forums, and it will introduce several new features that will make the user experience better than ever.
    There are some important things to note about this upgrade:
    -You have traditionally been required to log in with your original username even if you have changed your display name. With IPS4, you will always need to login with your current display name. Your password has not changed.
    -Post Count has been reformatted to “Content Count”. This means that additional activities on the forums such as status updates will be factored into your Content Count.
    -While supported and stable, this version of IPS4 is an early stage Release Candidate version, currently. There are several bugs that you may encounter in different areas of the forum software, and you should report any major bugs to us so we can submit them to IPS for review. The update has additionally broken the Nitrox2 Reputation System. We are working to fix this.
    -Chat and the store is not currently available in IPS4. These will be added in the near future, along with additional major features.
    We hope this upgrade will make the AccelePedia forums an even better place to hang out! Check back for tons more updates to come!
  5. Gig added a post in a topic: New Look, Love It!   

    Between no one ever reading it and no one ever paying attention to what we were saying about it (such as Tezla explaining why it was something that should be earned) it shouldn't come as any surprise to people that it's no longer public. Everyone was warned this would happen.
  6. Gig added a post in a topic: Test   

    Yep, it's all good.
  7. Gig added a post in a topic: Test   

  8. Gig added a post in a topic: Purge Round 2   

    You know, for a long time we'd just let people go ahead and leave for a while, and return to their old, familiar account with no real loss. Well, no more. Now you're going to suffer a loss if you decide to leave for a while. It's only fair, since the community suffers from your leave of absence. Wouldn't you agree? 
    I hope this will really give further incentive for people to start trying harder. It's just not gonna work without you all giving it your best.
  9. Gig added a post in a topic: That quite conspicuous message right there...   

    Ya'll can't possibly have missed it. It's right there, waiting to be read. It's there for a reason. I mean, we do things for a reason, like at least 100% of the time. 
    So yeah, since it says to go read it you probably should before you do anything else. Cause, this might be a novel idea to some, but it could contain important information. 
    I'd like to make it very clear that it is now a rule here that when we post a message in the "DAILY MESSAGE" area, you read it and reply to it at your earliest convenience. Or otherwise make it apparent to us that you read it. Keep that in mind. 
  10. Gig added a post in a topic: AccelePedia 2.0 is underway!   

    We've explained this soooo many times... This is far from the first time this has ever happened. If you didn't do anything wrong, then you shouldn't have any fear of being punished. That's just not how it works here. 
  11. Gig added a post in a topic: GOSS WHO BAK!!   

    Well, now that you're back, you should read the message posted at the top of the forums. All members in general should read that, returning or otherwise.
  12. Gig added a post in a topic: Coming Home   

    Think seriously about what Elton has said above. Don't just glance over it. Read it, read it again, and then think hard about it. 
    Consider, too, if you can justifiably call this place home. Do you disappear from your house for months at a time, and tell the other people who live with you that you'll be gone for an indeterminable amount of time? Would you come back from such an absence and expect pity from your family? This is an online place, yes, but should it really have different principles?
    Perhaps so if it wasn't such a fragile home. 
  13. Gig added a post in a topic: I did the wrong thing and I'm going to work to make it right.   

    Instead of the self-deprecation, perhaps you should try to have some confidence in yourself to do the right thing? We're not so much annoyed with you as disappointed.
  14. Gig added a post in a topic: I did the wrong thing and I'm going to work to make it right.   

    I can understand the negative effects bullying may have on you, but if anything, this should be a place where you can escape people who are awful enough to bully you over your love for AcceleRacers. There isn't anything wrong with liking AcceleRacers or Hot Wheels, and everyone here feels the same. This place is a rare safehaven from the bullcrap of life, and it will die if people keep avoiding it.
  15. Gig added a post in a topic: I did the wrong thing and I'm going to work to make it right.   

    This is an example of you not ever listening to a word we've ever said. The way you and everyone else in your position can help the community the most is simply being a part of it. Why does NO ONE get this? Post, be active, generate content. Spend at least a MINIMAL amount of time on the AccelePedia each day. It's not hard, it's not complicated, and it's not too much to ask.
    There is no secret formula to being a helpful community member. It doesn't take any thinking about, or finding things. It's right here, right in front of you. You literally just have to be a normal member on these forums and participate like a normal member would. That's it.

Status Feed

  1. Gig

    Amazing how much things have changed since 2011, when I started to regularly post here for the first time. I may have joined in 2006, but 2011 is when I really became a member of the community. I almost don't recognize the AccelePedia after stepping out of it's older iterations and looking at my screen now.

    1. Tezla

      I have been flipping through the old site as well.. and my old posts. It's very interesting to see the changes of not only the look of the forums over the various years.. but also the overall feel of them. I have to say.. it feels so empty now days with so few members interacting with each other. Sad isn't it? As far as my posts go, it was interesting to see my progression within the community and how I grew over the years from being a quirky noob/rp junkie to a member with opinions and a real passion for an overlooked gem of a franchise. At various points I've had my hopes rise and fall.. and lately my hopes have been doing a whole lota falling. I just hope we can regain that nice full community feel again- a big family perhaps? Ah.. one can only dream of that moment where we can step back and be 100% proud of what we accomplished. 

  2. Gig

    And we're back.

  3. Gig

    If you want to be there for what is an historical event in the history of AR, I would suggest hauling your ass over to that Tinychat, because you're going to regret it for the rest of your life otherwise. That is, if you truly care.

  4. Xyphobe » Gig

    Happy birthday

  5. Gig » powerrage

    (putting this here since you can't receive any new PM's) Hey Powerrage, I've been seeing you on the members list every now and then, but it seems like all you do is browse the forums these days. Is there any particular reason for this? It's rather disconcerting to see a senior member of the Pedia do that. Thanks, hope everything is going well. -Gig

  6. Gig

    My new Toy Fair Hollowback has arrived!

  7. Gig

    Go play AcceleRacers: Hurt or Heal 2! :)

  8. Gig

    If anyone sees an FD Mazda RX-7 rolling chassis or complete car for sale for 5 grand or less, please PM me.

  9. Gig

    March 7th, 2014: The Great Spammer Purge

  10. Gig

    New AcceleRacers 5 FB ad is up! Hopefully we'll reach 1,000 likes by tomorrow. :D

  11. Gig

    I'll be changing the board URL to very soon...

  12. Gig

    Well whaddya know? 555 likes on the FB page! Advertising does wonders to help spread the word to people. :D

  13. Gig » SCJ-7

    Great to see you back! Hope you're enjoying the new IP.Board forums. :)

    1. SCJ-7

      Thank you my friend.
      Yes, I like this new forum. Great job!!! :)
  14. Gig

    Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it!

  15. Gig

    Doing a custom CMS is not for the faint of heart...

  16. Gig » Shirako Takamoto 2

    Anthony, I made a post on the talk page about the new responsive layout for the main page. That's right, the AccelePedia is going to be responsive! :D

  17. Gig

    After all these years, I still don't have a single HW35 car.

    1. Gig

      And now that is no longer true! I am now the proud owner of my very own '70 Plymouth Road Runner!
  18. Gig

    I can't believe we've finally made it to the forum upgrade. :)

  19. Gig » Sukotto Night

    Hey Sukotto! How do you like the new forums? :D

    1. Sukotto Night

      it is so 20% cooler, i know brony reference
    2. Gig

      I'd say 200%, but glad you like it. :P
  20. Gig » EdgyLlama

    Hi Brian! Oops, forgot to add you to the admin group.

    1. Gig

      Ok, I've added you.