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  1. AcceleMaster added a topic in AccelePedia   

    UPDATE: Recent Downtime and 3.0 Development
    Hey guys.
    First off, I'd like to apologize personally for the recent downtime. I failed to pay our server bill for over two weeks, resulting in the long downtime we've just experienced. I'm in a bad situation financially as of right now, with two broken cars to deal with, so it took me a long time to scrape together the cash to get the Pedia back online. I assure you that I will do everything I can in the future to prevent another long downtime.
    We've seen that every time we are unable to pay the server bill, there is a lot of confusion over the "This account has been suspended" message. We get tons of messages on the Facebook page from people asking why their account is suspended. We'll add this to the Pedia FAQ later, but I'd like to clear up any confusion about it in this post as well:
    When you see the "This account has been suspended" message, it does not mean we have suspended or banned you from the AccelePedia. It simply is a message that all visitors to the site receive when we are unable to pay the server bill to keep the Pedia running. Rest assured, you have done nothing wrong if you see this message. Even if you did do something wrong, that isn't why you're seeing the message.  
    So now lets talk about 3.0 and the near future of the AccelePedia.
    I know from a glance it looks like there's nothing going on and, publicly, there really isn't, in all honesty... Except for the YouTube channel.
    I don't know how many of you follow it, but if you do, you'll know that it's been a happenin' place lately. Elton's been on fire uploading new updates, adding some good old nostalgic videos to the archives, and uncovering things we haven't seen in years. This is the kind of energy that is behind the development of 3.0. You're going to start seeing that same energy appearing on the main site soon as well, and when it's complete, I can say without a doubt that everyone here will be able to feel proud of the AccelePedia, proud that 3.0, as ambitious as it is, was accomplished, and that the community has remained steadfast. So keep up the great topics and posts, guys. You're driving this community into 3.0 every bit as much as we are with your daily support and participation.

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  2. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic Maybe they should open a Patreon?   

    7 is correct, we did have a PayPal donation widget on the sidebar of the forums before 3.0. We had to remove it for the 3.0 forum software upgrade, but it will probably be back at some point.
    I actually hadn't considered a Patreon until now, but I know of a lot of similar small organizations / projects that have had recent success with it. We might just give it a try at some point. Thanks for the suggestion!   I end up running out of money every month to cover the server bill, and every six months the IPS forum software renewal costs hit my account as well which we seldom are prepared for. 3.0 also has a rather large (ongoing) development budget, so donations would definitely be much appreciated at this time. We'll get the Nitrox2 system back up and running to properly recognize those who have donated as soon as we can.
  3. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic Recent Attitudes   

    To add to all that was said above, if you plan to reply to this post in a self-deprecating apologetic fit, please don't. We've seen enough of that in the past 2 and a half years. If you think you're doing something wrong, just fix it, don't run off, and don't go around apologizing for yourself to everyone. If you stick with the community, you'll learn how to do the right things eventually. Don't worry if you're making mistakes now, everyone does when they're new around here. 
    That said, if you think you're doing something wrong, don't just keep doing it either. Learn from the people around you, learn from us and don't take what we say as an attack on you (breaking news: it's not), and above all learn from your own mistakes and work to be the best member you can possibly be. Be here for yourself AND the community, but don't try to be a bigshot for the sake of being a bigshot either.
    We understand the allure that comes with the title of Moderator and Administrator, but in the end it's just a title that we earned from being committed each and every day and truly loving the community and all that it stands for. It carries a ton of responsibility and it hasn't always been fun. In fact, for a while it was the worst job in the world, but even so we continued to do it, and that's why everyone is here today rebuilding a fantastic community together. 
    Don't take this topic to mean that we're disappointed with everyone. Quite the opposite, you have no idea what it's like for us to see this kind of activity and promise again after all these years. We're just saying this to guide everyone on the right path so we can keep succeeding in the future. 
  4. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic New here   

    Welcome to the Pedia! Glad to have you on board to drive to survive with us!  Fortunately there's a lot of great discussion going on, so jump right in! Hope you enjoy the community!
  5. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic new here   

    Welcome to the AccelePedia! It's great to see young kids still interested in AcceleRacers after all these years since it's release, and even better when their parents share their love for the series! I was never lucky enough to have parents that even appreciated AR when I was a kid watching it. Hope you enjoy the community! 
  6. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic I'm New! :D   

    Greetings, and welcome to the AccelePedia! It's good to see more users with awesome gifs in their sigs. It reminds me of the good ol' days when a ton of people had them.  Hope you enjoy the forums!
  7. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic Yo!   

    That's the best intro I've had the pleasure to read in a long while, and I've been here reading intros for nearly 10 years now. XD It made me think about my journey through my childhood with AcceleRacers and Hot Wheels, and I love recalling those memories as they're some of the best I have. 10 years ago when I read the first intros here, it looked a lot like the AccelePedia of 2015. I was only 7 years old and it was my first forum ever, but I immediately felt at home there, even though I didn't start actively posting on a regular basis until like 2011.   But for while after 2008 or so and before summer 2015, the AccelePedia was going through some tough times. We didn't really have members making great intro posts like ever, and we've had a lot recently, this one included. We didn't really have that many members at all, and even few good ones. We have a ton of great members now and I think we have a great community for the first time since 2008, and I think we can grow even further. So your timing for joining could not be better! Welcome to the AccelePedia!  
  8. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic Collections   

    I used to have the AcceleRacers and Highway 35 Master Sets...
    Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.
    Actually when I had to sell both to buy a new car. ;_; I still regret it and I won't be able to get new ones for a very long time. 
  9. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic Activity?   

    Compared to the activity levels we had a few months ago, what we have now is great. I'd like to see even more activity come to the forums, but I've been really impressed as of late with the activity here. It's not as active as a lot of other major forums, but that's why we need to keep growing, rather than be satisfied with where we're at now, so basically lets keep it up and keep improving! I'm hoping 3.0 and the plans we have for the YouTube channel will bolster the activity levels here even further, and of course the Edge project nearing its completion will generate a good amount of activity as well. 
  10. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic About Blazin Ashes   

    Welcome to the AccelePedia, and thanks for sharing your story of how you came to know AcceleRacers! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic Salutations Everyone   

    Welcome to the AccelePedia, James! I'm a bit late to welcome you, but since you've joined you've been helping to make the discussions great! Hope you continue to enjoy the forums!  
  12. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic Absence from the forums   

    Great to see you back, Taro! Things are really picking up around here and we're glad to have you contributing to the discussion again!  
  13. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic Greetings   

    Welcome to the AccelePedia! For a lot of us here who have been longtime members, this was our first forum as well. Hope your experience is as good as ours was! See you around!
  14. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic Forum newbie   

    Greetings! You've joined at the right time, since The Edge is now nearing completion and AccelePedia 3.0 is about to be released. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  15. AcceleMaster added a post in a topic Initialization   

    Welcome to the AccelePedia! A creative intro is always appreciated. Hope you enjoy your stay!