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      Detonation of an Era. Read if you desire to know why the community is dead and AcceleRacers never will return. 


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    • Shirako Takamoto

      I wasn't really involved in all this but i know Chris and the other staff worked very hard on this project and to bring Acceleracers back to life. Chris has and had been straightforward and answered all your questions. He put much more work than all off you combined. You absolutely have no reason to speak or talk. You were clearly stupid and did not want to pay attention at all. You all did this to yourselves..Chris was the only one working on this Darn project. Give respect or shut your mouths
    • Gig

      It's amazing to see just how wrong we were to put any trust into the community. Was this all worth it? Was trusting you all for two years while we gave up significant portions of our lives for this worth it? Yes. Yes it was, but only because of the bonds that Chris, Elton, Alicia, Arc, and I share. It had nothing to do with any of you. Do you consider yourself to have been here for the ride this past two years? If so, stop thinking that way right now. You might as well have not been here at all. I'm sorry, but none of you have really *been here* with us the past two years. You've all acted like spectators here, with no involvement, so that might as well be what you're considered. Spectators to our suffering over the past two years. We've been talking to a wall. 
      The future has always been up to all of you, and now you've chosen a future that won't include you. The AccelePedia has gone full closed source at this point. We work for ourselves now, not you. I'm sure the discussion here might even pick up in light of these events, for a while at least, and that would be nice, really. But we're done. 
      For the past two years, I've strived to find ways to make the AccelePedia forums have the absolute best user experience for YOU. I've developed things from scratch such as the Nitrox2 points system, I've added in unique profile customizations, and I've done my best to make sure the AccelePedia forums would be easy to use, but above all fun to use.
      That stops now. Why should I bother? I like the forums how they are, and so does everyone else that matters. So while I'll make sure the forums are always stable and running smoothly, as I always have, my large scale development of the forums has halted indefinitely. Next time you'll see a major upgrade will probably be when IPS 5 is released 6 years from now. But of course none of you will have stuck around for that long. In the old days, the majority of members were here to stay, not here for just a year or two. It used to be a big family. What the hell happened to that? What the hell happened to people wanting to interact with one another and build the community? That's gone, and I don't know where in the world it went. But if I know one thing for sure, it's that it isn't coming back. 
      Thanks for making it that way. Thanks for killing the AccelePedia as we knew it. 
      I've said this already, but you'll still see me here just as often as ever, posting regularly. I won't see you, though. I'm here for myself, and I'm here for my friends. All that remains of the old Pedia family is the names I've listed above, so to me, that's all that remains of the AccelePedia.
      Maybe you'll understand now. Shame it's too late. 
    • Tezla

      Brace yourselves.
    • Rogue_Hog

      Funny how time really shows a person's true colors. I can see now that I was wrong to be so generous, to give my research consistently to a community that wouldn't show any appreciation for its value. For fuck's sakes, I shared with you all a possibility of how AcceleRacers was meant to continue, and nobody gave a shit. For that matter, I've completely dissolved my channel. I don't want affiliation to this poorly structured community that destroyed its own dream and the dream of the person who worked the hardest to try to make it happen. Everything I do from now on, every resource I put out there is no longer out of generosity, but desire to strengthen the AccelePedia and bring out its max potential. As for the forum experience, I could care less about interacting with fans who don't care half as much as me and my friends do about the series. You'll see me around, but that nice Elton Lin you knew back then, who had faith that the community could save AcceleRacers, is now gone. This community isn't worthy of the series it's meant to stand for, and this community isn't worth saving. 
    • (─‿‿─)

      Well the community blew it. The leaving of Tezla as a leader and the discontination of The Edge saddens me.  Hopefully the community (including me) gets our act together. I  cant really blame Tezla as I cant imagine the position he was in for the last 2 years
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