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McDonalds Happy Meal Vehicles AcceleRacers Other Merchandise Info

Promotional Happy Meals running in conjunction with Mattel's other big brand, Barbie. The cars are available August 5th to September 1st, 2005. The cars to be released are:
▪ RD-04
▪ Bassline
▪ Nitruim
▪ Nolo 1 (Synkro)
▪ RD-06
▪ Rivited
▪ Iridium
▪ Hollowback

Each car features an interior light activated by a switch on the bottom. Despite the reputation McDonalds has for their Happy Meal toys, these cars are actually pretty nice with a lot of favorable comments from my fellow collectors. Some parts are plastic (chassis) but the bodies are generally die cast (with some exceptions). You have to apply your own stickers and the wheels are pretty cheap, but overall I like them too.
Images (Click thumbnail to view full image)

McDonalds Happy Meal 2005 AcceleRacers

McDonalds Happy Meal Bassline

McDonalds Happy Meal Hollowback

McDonalds Happy Meal Iridium

McDonalds Happy Meal Nitrium

McDonalds Happy Meal Nolo 1 (Synkro)

McDonalds Happy Meal RD-04

McDonalds Happy Meal RD-06

McDonalds Happy Meal Rivited
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