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World Race Video Game World Race Other Merchandise Info

This game is a standard arcade style driving game. You race through various locations (mostly not based on the movie or the comics) picking up rings to fill your Nitrox2 tank. The cars who's designs are owned by Hot Wheels can be found in the game with replacements made for those owned by other companies (for instance, no '70 Plymouth Road Runner). Finally, some clips from the movie are included in the introduction on game startup.

All around my son likes playing it, so it was a good buy. The version I bought had Hot Wheels Velocity X bundled with it, too. Velocity X is a great game (even better than this one I think) which made it an even better buy.

Here's a list of the cars and their drivers from the Video Game version:
Vert Wheeler ... Deora II
Alec ''Hud'' Wood ... Switchback
Finn Serpa ... Backdraft
Lani Tam ... Nomadder What
Felix Sharkey ... Power Pipes
Fluke ... 40 Somethin?
Mark Wylde ... Golden Arrow
Kurt Wylde ... Sling Shot
Dan Dresden ... Side Draft
To?o ... HW Prototype 12
Ricky Bell ... 24/Seven
Bart ''Shrimp'' Scampi ... Road Rocket
San Jay Khan ... Aeroflash
Maximo ... Pony-Up
Banjee Castillo ... Ballistik
Ric Handy ... Zotic
Pete Karris ... Twin Mill
Jerry Boylan ... Greased Lightnin?
Skeet ... Vulture
Yucatan ... Power Rocket
Esmeralda Sanchez ... Power Pistons
Brian ''Zone'' Kadeem ... Krazy 8s
Mojave ... MS-T Suzuka
Toni Berri ... Seared Tuner
Chuvo ... Super Tuned
Charlie Raffa ... Sweet 16 II
Heralda ... Jester
Rekkas ... Mega-Duty
Taro Kitano ... Overbored 454
Vesuvius ... 1/4 Mile Coupe
Harrison Lau ... Sooo Fast
Everest ... Maelstrom
Wayne Casper ... Rodger Dodger
Jet Blaney ... Silhouette II
Krakatoa ... Muscle Tone
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World Race Game Cover

World Race video game flier (from Ultimate Race Track Box)
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