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Rollin' Thunder (#6 of 9) AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs Vehicle Info

▪ Monkey McClurg

Code unlocks: Screensaver - hotwheels_scrsv3.exe

Variations include a combination of:
▪ Brown, flat red or shiny red body
▪ 5 or 6 Gray Spoked wheels
▪ 6 Chrome Spokes
▪ Ultimate Track Pack
▪ Team Colors Series - White body

This vehicle was destroyed in the Storm Realm by a blast from a Racing Drone's cannon. When Porkchop showed up afterwards at the Acceledrome, he fortunately had another Rollin' Thunder for Monkey. The windshield was smashed by Nolo in The Speed of Silence forcing Monkey to leave Rollin' Thunder behind while he drove Spine Buster into the Metro Realm.

Rollin' Thunder was replaced by Rat-ified as Monkey's primary vehicle after Breaking Point.
Images (Click thumbnail to view full image)

Rollin' Thunder

Rollin' Thunder (Brown body variation)

Rollin' Thunder - Red Body

Rollin' Thunder color variations - brown, flat red and shiny red

Rollin' Thunder variations - brown bodies with 5 and 6 spokes

Ultimate Track Pack - Rollin' Thunder

Rollin' Thunder - 2006 Team Colors Series
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