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Ultimate Race, The AcceleRacers Video Info

AcceleRacers Part 4 of 4 - originally aired on the Cartoon Network on October 1, 2005. The US release date for the DVD was November 28, 2006.

The movie opens with the Teku and Metal Maniacs going into the Cosmic Realm with the goal of not winning the AcceleCharger, but to capture a Sweeper, go into the Racing Drones? Headquarters and rescue Markie. The two teams, cooperating at last, succeed in capturing a Drone Sweeper which they take through the portal and into the heart of the Drone's city.

Meanwhile, Gelorum has located the Acceldrome and leads an army of Drones to capture it. As the Drones begin their assault on the Acceldrome, so do the Teku and Metal Maniacs on the Racing Drone's Headquarters.

Back at the Acceledrome, Lani discovers Gig's deception and his secret affiliation with the Silencerz. Just as a Silencerz driver appears and prepares to take the Accelechargers from Lani, the Racing Drones take over the AcceleDrome. Tezla's AcceleChargers, as well as the Silencerz's, are captured by the Drones. With the AcceleChargers combined, the portal to the Ultimate Race opens, leading the way to the Accelerons. Gelorum, taking all of the AcceleChargers, disappears into the portal.

Back at the Racing Drones' Headquarters, the heroes hold off the attacking Drones while Kurt goes after his brother. As Kurt locates Markie, Kadeem makes his appearance as a half-human Raciong Drone. Just when Kadeem is about to thrash Kurt, Markie frees himself and takes on Kadeem. Markie, now sporting a robotic arm courtesy of the Drones, fights Kadeen until a combined effort of Kurt and Markie defeat Kadeem. Kadeem, refusing to be helped, falls off a very high tower not to be seen again. The Teku and Metal Maniacs, with the liberated Markie, abandon their vehicles, use the EDR and return to the Acceledrome where they find it under Gelorum's control. Meanwhile, while everyone?s distracted, a Silencerz driver captures the real Wheel of Power and removes it from the Racing Drones? Headquarters.

During the Drones' attack on the AcceleDrome, Vert, who had stayed behind due to an injury to his leg, escapes. With help from Sparky, he takes Reverb (now equipped with a Nitrox 2 afterburner) and follows Gelorum into the Ultimate Race.

Vert, with Sparky at his side, race Gelorum through abbreviated versions of each of the Racing Realms. Vert has to use every skill he has to keep up with Gelorum, who is making liberal use of her AcceleChargers. Vert and Gelorum make it to the end, but Vert manages to keep Gelorum from entering the gateway to the Acceleron's world, overturning his car in the process. Gelorum and Vert are met by an Acceleron, who emerges from the gateway. Because Vert used his skills, while Gelorum used the AcceleChargers, the Acceleron favors Vert with the title of a true AcceleRacer - outfitting him with a new driving suit. Gelorum, very upset at the turn of events, drops her human form for her original robotic shape, and attacks Vert. The Acceleron stops Gelorum, sending her flipping end over end into the void.

Lani contacts Vert over the radio, requesting his assistance back at the Acceledrome. Against the advice of Dr. Tezla, Vert declines the invitation from the Acceleron to go with it to the world of the Accelerons so that he can go back and help his friends. Before he and Sparky depart, Vert grabs the AcceleChargers from Gelorum's car, the Acceleron rights Reverb and presents him with a ring (I presume to return back to the Accelerons). The Acceleron decrees that Vert won't be alone when he returns and sends him back to the Acceledrome through a new portal.

Vert's return to the Acceledrome, with help from the Silencerz, distracts the Drones enough for the Teku and Metal Maniacs to escape in a captured Sweeper. Lani and Dr. Tezla escape driving Nitrium while the Silencerz escape with a warning from Gig. Vert and Sparky escape back through the portal. The Drones are destroyed when Gig detonates the Nitrox storage tanks. Both the Acceledrome and Gig are lost in the explosion.

Vert exits the portal into the Silencerz headquarters. He's captured, along with the Accelechargers and the Acceleron ring, but Sparky gets away using the EDR. Sparky is picked up by Dr. Tezla and friends on Highway 35 near the former location of the Acceledrome.

Back at the Silencerz headquartes, Vert learns that his father is one of the Silencerz.

Notable occurrences:
▪ Tork and Nolo have settled their differences. Tork appologizes for what happened to Tone, but Nolo admits that it was Tone's fault.
▪ Kurt and Markie are back to being on good terms. We learn that Markie went to jail because Kurt, fearing personal ruin, wouldn't help him out of the trouble they both had gotten into together. Markie spent two years in jail because of the ''shady business deal.''
▪ Karma appears to definitely have certain affections for Taro.
▪ Shirako stll annoys Porkchop immensely.
▪ The RD-L1 Drones have learned how to roar like the Swamp beasts in the Swamp Realm.
▪ There is more than one RD-L1. Several are seen during the attack on the Acceledrome.
▪ Sparky has learned more words (about three or four) and can now dance pretty well.
▪ Its still unclear where the Racing Drones and Silencerz headquarters are located, but indications are that they both exist on Earth.
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The Ultimate Race DVD cover

The Ultimate Race - Title Screen
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