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Breaking Point AcceleRacers Video Info

AcceleRacers Part 3 of 4, it first aired June 25, 2005 on the Cartoon Network. The DVD was released in US stores on March 28, 2006.

Originally titled "The Challenge."

This movie covers the events in the Neon Pipeline and Junk Realms.

This movie opens with a very cool look into the Silencerz base, a monolog by Gelorum with good background information on the origin of the Racing Drones, the knowledge that Kadeem is a prisoner of the Drones and we discover the whereabouts of Vert Wheeler. The conflict between Kurt Wylde and Mark Wylde continues while Nolo and Tork seem to be at an impasse. The tension between Tork and Mark Wylde comes to a head with Wylde challenging Tork to a driving duel for the leadership of the Metal Maniacs. As Tork and Wylde take off, the portal opens.

In the Neon Pipeline, we see a lot of new vehicles on the Teku and Metal Maniacs teams. Nolo is driving SpecTyte, Porkchop is on the motorcycle Jaw Jammer and Shirako is on the motorcycle Nightlife. The Drones also make their appearance having shifted to using only Sweepers and the new motorcycles RD-07s. Finally, the Silencerz come out in full force (one Silencerz vehicle later turns into a two motorcycles - this was a big movie for two wheeled vehicles). Dr. Tezla, upon figuring out that the Silencerz were now competing in the Realms also drives into the Noen Pipeline realm. The Silencerz, through teamwork and cunning, make it to the exit portal first.

Once back in the real world, Dr. Tezla discloses some information about the Silencerz to the Metal Maniacs (now under the leadership of Wylde) and the Teku. Vert, after a discussion with his father, also returns just as the portal to the next realm opens.

The Teku and Metal Maniacs find themselves in the Junk Realm facing three Racing Drones Sweepers and several RD-07s. Fighting off the Drones while avoiding the many dangers of the realm, the heroes are then confronted with the Silencerz who have remained hidden until the Drones were dealt with. The Silencerz fare much worse in this realm and Kurt Wylde makes it to the end just a hair ahead of Taro - winning the AcceleCharger. Mark Wylde is captured by the Racing Drones, however, where we learn that Kadeem has been made into a half-robot slave to Gelorum.

Other notable occurrences:
▪ The character Sparky is introduced.
▪ Monkey's Nitrox 3 1/2 now seems to be in production.
▪ Porkchop's rig gets a name (''Old Smokey''), an EDR, Nitrox boosters and improved wheels - and then gets destroyed taking out a couple of Sweepers.
▪ Vert gets a new car, Reverb.
▪ Mark Wylde finishes construction of his new car, Flathead Fury.
▪ Shirako rebuilds Bassline just in time for the Junk Realm.
▪ We get the first sighting of the Racing Drone's device that replicates AcceleChargers. This device also seems to send them from the Racing Drone's Headquarters to the drivers that need them.
▪ The Silencers also seem to be able to change the shape of their cars. Iridium changing to Magnesium is the obvious example, but if you watch closely, you'll see particular vehicles where there were different ones before - multiple Iridiums, Covelights and Acceliums have all been spotted.
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Breaking Point DVD Cover

Breaking Point - US DVD with Car Bundle

Breaking Point title

AcceleCharger Duplicator and Transmitter
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