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Speed of Silence, The AcceleRacers Video Info

First aired on March 19, 2005 on The Cartoon Network, this installment (part 2 of 4) of the AcceleRacers covers the events in the Water and Metro Realms.

This movie opens with some changes from the previous movie - new theme music and a new opening sequence showing the Teku and Metal Maniacs prepping their vehicles. New wheels reverse engineered from the Drone's tires, the Emergency Driver Return system and new helmets are also introduced.

The drivers take off into the Water Realm followed by the Racing Drones who have also changed vehicles to the new models RD-02 and RD-05 (with some RD-06s thrown in). Immediately upon entering the realm we find out about Pork Chop's fear of water which results in the loss of Jack Hammer and the first use of the EDR. Things continue to go wrong for our heroes with Vert losing control of his car, destroying Power Rage and exiting the realm via the EDR as well. The Drones catch up, take the lead and pass through the portal first. Taro is caught between two drones and accidentally transported to the Racing Drones Headquarters. Taro escapes, but has to rerun the Water Realm. He barely makes it with coaching from Karma Eiss and superior driving.

Back at the Acceledrome, the drivers rest up and prepare for the next realm. Nolo attempts to sabotage the Metal Maniacs vehicles, but is stopped by Karma. Tork comes along and finds the two Teku in the Metal Maniacs area and in the resulting confrontation, the windshield of Monkey's Rollin' Thunder is broken. The portal to the Metro Realm opens at that point and Tork instructs Monkey to take Wylde's Spine Buster.

In the realm, the drivers are immediately confronted with head-on freeway traffic. The Metal Maniacs bust through the median and merge with traffic to the next off-ramp while the Teku figure out the pattern of the on-coming traffic and are able to exit the freeway safely. On the city streets, the drivers face Kamikaze Semis and the Racing Drones armed with two new technologies - the Sweeper and replicated AcceleChargers. Spine Buster and Synkro are ''eaten'' by the Sweeper and destroyed while Nolo and Monkey are held prisoner on board. Tork, with Karma's assistance, frees Monkey and Nolo and during the fight with the Drones, Nolo saves Tork. Tork, Monkey and Nolo jump from the Sweeper and Karma leads the pilot-less Sweeper off to its doom. Meanwhile, Taro is racing for the portal but is bested by two Silencerz vehicles disguised as Battle Spec and RD-02. The movie ends with Kurt under suspicion since Battle Spec was seen exiting the realm first, but no AcceleCharger is to be found in Kurt's possession. Wylde is also highly irritated with Tork over the decision to send Monkey into the realm with Spine Buster (and its subsequent loss).

The DVD was released in stores on August 23, 2005. Included in the US package:
▪ $3.00 off coupon for the Ignition DVD
▪ One Collectible Card
▪ Chrome RD-06 die cast vehicle

On the DVD you will find:
▪ The movie in widescreen format
▪ Four Mini-episodes originally released on the Cartoon Network's website (All three Cliffside Realms and the first Ice Realm)
▪ A music video
▪ A driving test game (that reminded me a lot of Defensive Driving class)
▪ Printable Team Membership badges in PDF format
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Speed of Silence - DVD Cover

Speed of Silence - US DVD packaging with chrome RD-06

Speed of Silence title
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