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Ignition AcceleRacers Video Info

First aired January 8, 2005 on the Cartoon Network, Ignition is part 1 of 4 of the AcceleRacers movies.

Ignition introduces the major characters and most of the teams. Gelorum and her Racing Drones have obtained the Wheel of Power and are using it to access the Racing Realms where winning a race bestows the driver with an AcceleCharger (giving a car special abilities). Dr. Tesla, unable to prevent the Racing Drones from taking the Wheel of Power and crippled in the attempt, has called out to his drivers from the World Race to help prevent the Racing Drones from obtaining the AcceleChargers. Dr. Tezla found a way to reproduce the Wheel of Power's ability to access the Realms, sending the drivers and some of their current teammates to stop Gelorum. After a dismal showing in their first realm (the Storm Realm), Dr. Tezla's drivers get help from the remainder of their respective teams. The Teku and the Metal Maniacs take on the Racing Drones in the Swamp Realm with Nolo Passaro winning the race and the associated AcceleCharger. The movie closes on that note. However, several conflicts remain unresolved.

The DVD contains the movie pretty much as it was shown on TV with one minor exception. The DVD begins with no World Race introduction and features the "Gelorum's factory" beginning credits. The movie as it was shown on TV featured a small World Race introduction (without the sepia tones as it was shown on the Hyperpod DVD Episode 1).

The DVD also features:
▪ Virtual Car Gallery (don't miss clicking on the Racing Drone's wheel on that menu)
▪ Meet the Drivers section
▪ Glossary
▪ Micro-episodes in Widescreen resolution originally featured on the Cartoon Network website (Cavern Realm and Lava Realm videos that occur between Ignition and Speed of Silence).
▪ Short movie on playing the AcceleRacers card game
▪ Trailers
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Ignition - Original DVD Cover

Ignition - 2nd cover

Ignition title
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