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RD-06 (#6 of 9) AcceleRacers Racing Drones Vehicle Info

▪ RD-S1

▪ Grappling hook
▪ Forward-mounted cannon
▪ Anti-vehicle mines
▪ Search light
▪ Disposable

Die cast variations:
▪ Flat black body, 5 spokes
▪ Flat black body, 6 spokes
▪ Glossy black body, 5 spokes
▪ Glossy black body, 6 spokes
▪ McDonald's Happy Meal variation with interior light
▪ Chrome body, black chassis, black tires, 6 green spokes (bundled with US Speed of Silence DVD)
▪ Realm series (Storm Realm)
▪ Standard Racing Drones markings with flat black body and black chassis, 6 spoked wheels
▪ Batman Blaster set

Known errors:
▪ 5 Spokes on back and 6 spokes on front, glossy body

Code unlocks: Desktop Background ? RD-S1
Chrome variation code unlocks: Desktop Background - Sweeper

One of the main vehiclea of the Racing Drones fleet, its best feature seems to be its disposability. Additionally, it also appears that it is being phased out in favor of RD-02 during Speed of Silence and after.

The die cast vehicle was originally released as RD-10. Newer cars have RD-06 stamped on the bottom while older ones have nothing stamped in the blank. Older cards are printed RD-10, transition cards have a white RD-06 sticker over the RD-10 and the latest variations have RD-06 printed on the card. Makes you wonder what?s going on over there at Mattel...
Images (Click thumbnail to view full image)


RD-06 - Glossy black body, 6 spokes

RD-06 - 2006 Realm Series (Storm Realm)

McDonalds Happy Meal RD-06

RD-06 - Wheel Error

RD-06 - Chrome DVD variation in front

RD-06 - McDonald's Happy Meal variation in front

RD-06 sticker over the RD-10 (the quick fix until the RD-06 cards were printed I guess)

RD-06 on an RD-10 card markings (notice the '6 of 9')

RD-06 variations - newer ones have the RD-06 stamped on the bottom

RD-06 variations - notice the newer one in the middle with the lighter green wheels

RD-06 variations - 5 spokes/dark green in front, 6 spokes/light green in middle and 6 spokes/dark green in back

RD-06 - 2006 flat black body with black chassis variation
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