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Iridium (#4 of 9) AcceleRacers Silencerz Vehicle Info

▪ Major Wheeler

▪ Active camouflage
▪ Radio jamming
▪ Ability to transform into 2x Magnesium motorcycles.

Die cast variations:
▪ 6 Spokes
▪ 5 Spokes
▪ McDonald's Happy Meal variation with interior light
▪ Stripped metal series
▪ Track Stars Series or 20 packs

First seen in Speed of Silence disguised as a realm car and then as Battle Spec. In Breaking Point, the driver of this vehicle saved Shirako from death at the hands of a Racing Drones MD-01 in the Neon Pipeline Realm. Dr. Tezla arrived on scene at that moment and interrupted the Iridium?s camouflage revealing the actual nature of the car. In order to escape, the car transformed itself into two Magnesium motorcycles with the driver on one of them.

Notice that after Iridium turns into the Magnesium motorcycles, another Iridium vehicle appears in the Neon Pipeline Realm. I don't know if this is a mistake or the Silencerz have the ability to transform their vehicle bodies.

In the Ultimate Race, Iridium is the first Silencerz vehicle seen in the Acceledrome.

Code unlocks: Nothing. Supposed to be Desktop Background.
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Iridium (5 Spokes)

Iridium (5 and 6 Spokes)

McDonalds Happy Meal Iridium

Iridium - 2006 Stripped Metal Series
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